The No-Weight Couple Workouts You Need To Try With Your Loved One

Now couple workouts become more and more popular. That’s why we came up with these simple no-weight couple workouts suitable for any fitness level.

People in relationships often tend to choose such workouts that allow them to spend time together and at the same time to achieve their common fitness goals.

By the way, the Study from Indiana University at Bloomington noted that couples who train together become more motivated and connected.

When both partners exercise together they support each other, control each other and reach the desired results faster. All these things strengthen the bonds of the relationship and increase intimacy.

Most fitness experts advise for pair workouts to choose no-weight training programs. People who want to be in good physical shape can choose training without weights.

“If you strength train without weights, you’re going to look more toned and shapely,” says Beth Rothenberg, a personal trainer who teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles fitness instructor program. ( 1 )

By the way, no-weight couple workouts have two main advantages:

  1. They don’t require special equipment as weight training;
  2. And they fit well for traveling, as everyone realizes how difficult it is to bring yourself to go back to the gym after vacation.

You can even invent the reason like I’ve lost my trainers not to hit the gym again.

And if you haven’t any reasons to miss your workouts and both like hitting the gym, you have to try no-weight couple workouts and soon you’ll see how beneficial they can be for your body and relationship!

No-Weight Couple Workouts

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No-Weight Couple Workouts

So you’re ready to start training with your loved one! Okay…  You can start with these 4 weightless exercises:

1. Passion Lunges

No-Weight Couple Workouts - Passion Lunges

Passion Lunge

  • Stand face-to-face with right hands clasped together.
  • Both step back with left leg into a lunge, keeping hands clasped.
  • Return to the starting point through the front leg and do the same with left hands clasped together and right leg.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 to 12 reps with each leg.

2. Push-Ups With Cross Claps

No-Weight Couple Workouts - Push-Ups With Cross Claps

Push-Ups With Cross Claps

  • Both partners lie down on the floor and get into a push-up position face-to-face.
  • Doing a complete push-up you should cross claps each other at the top of the push-up. Here don’t forget to keep head, back and leg straight, core engaged!
  • Repeat this exercise for 8 – 10 reps.

3. Leg Toss With A Loved One

No-Weight Couple Workouts - Leg Toss With A Loved One

Leg Toss With A Loved One

  • Partner A gets down on the floor and partner B stands near partner A’s head.
  • Holding partner B’s ankles,

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