Does muscle weigh more than fat?


Let’s workout!

A pound is a pound, both may weigh the same, but one takes up significantly less space.

While muscle is more dense than fat, it doesn’t appear overnight, so don’t chalk up any weight gain with a new workout plan to muscle gain.

But don’t freak and think you are “gaining” weight either – most of that extra weight that you might see in the numbers is typically due to inflammation from muscle damage repair.

Conversely, don’t get too excited about a drop in the number after a workout, it could just be a loss of water (hydration) in your body which will balance out after you rehydrate.

Over weeks and months of regular exercise your body composition may change, and your body fat may decrease while your muscle mass increases, which could mean your weight stays the same or even goes up slightly on the scale while you may find yourself getting slimmer overall and even dropping clothing sizes.

When it comes to tracking your progress, I recommend ditching the scale. Too often we judge the “success” of our plan by what the scale says, and the truth is that it cant tell you what kind of positive changes might be happening inside your body from day to day.

Pay more attention to the internal changes that you are likely to FEEL right away, like improved energy, strength, stamina better sleep quality even more positive moods.

Remember that when you feel good, you can’t help but look good too, so don’t obsess over the scale!

Have you ever noticed that the scale stayed the same (or even went up – gasp!) though your clothes were fitting looser?

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